Spiritual Campus

  1. Pastorate Level Children FestivalIn our Diocese there are 97 Pastorates. Among these, in 60 pastorates we conduct Children Festivals and in each such Festival between 250 and 300 Children participate and enjoy God’s blessings.
  2. Good Shepherd Children Camps at the Council Level
  3. There are 6 Church Councils in our Diocese. They are :
    • Central Council
    • North Council
    • North -West Council
    • South Council
    • South West Council
    • West Council
  4. Diocesan Children Camps at Courtalam.Each year 4 such camps are conducted in July/August at Courtalam, each for a duration of 3 days.

    For Girls two camps, for Boys one camp, for Chennai children another camp thus four camps are held each year. And last year around 2600 children took part and out of them 70 % have accepted Christ.

    During night they have exciting events like Camp Fire, Story Time, Santhiya (evening devotion), and the like. Children are divided into groups for interaction.


  5. Camps in MumbaiIn Mumbai at 3 places these Children Camps are conducted and totally 1600 children participated. Most of them are from slums. The languages used in the camps are Hindi,Marathi, English and Tamil. We have 4 full time Children Missionaries in Mumbai.