Scripture Examinations

  1. Golden Text ExamOnce a year Golden Text Exams are conducted in December and the first prize is 3.5 gram Gold, second prize is 2.5 gram Gold and a total of 18 attractive prizes have been given.



    Sl no Name Schools Std Rank
    1 C. Esther Niruba M.S. Palay 6 A I
    2 J. Pusph Sweety STC 6 A II
    3 S.D. Jeba STC 7 C I
    3 J. Ierish Percy STC 7 C II
  2. Scripture ExamsIn Schools Scripture Classes are conducted systematically. Special portions are given to each class from 1 std. to 12th std. and prizes are given to the best scorers in the exams.
  3. Bible Reading Exam in SummerIn summer special passages are given from the Bible to read and to study. Prizes are given to the winners in the exams.
  4. Sunday School ExamsIn Sunday Schools which are conducted in Churches and School Hostels, exams are conducted and prizes are given in each pastorate and school.