Tirunelveli Diocesan Children’s Mission (TDCM) is the children’s wing of the CSI Tirunelveli diocese which is working to reach out our generation with the good news. It’s an enabling and enriching ministry to empower our children to face the challenges of this world and help them to overcome it to lead a victorious life. Though it is driven by the CSI Tirunelveli diocese it reaches out all children cutting across all religious, denominational, economic backgrounds. Our only goal is helping our children to lead a great life. TDCM is governed by the Standing committee for the children’s ministry of CSI Tirunelveli. The bishop of the CSI Tirunelveli diocese is the chairman of TDCM. Our present chairman is the Rt.Revd.Dr. J.Jeyakumar Christdoss. Currently the secretary of the TDCM is Rev J Israel Dhanasingh and TDCM is a self-sustained movement completely rely on its own fundraising. Rev.Packiaraj Asirvatham is the director of TDCM, a full time servant in charge of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating every ministry of TDCM and reports to the committee.

TDCM’s started as a small lay movement of the CSI Tirunelveli diocese with children’s ministry around hundred years ago. Gradually that movement has grown and was fully integrated within the scope of the diocese and transformed into a separate entity. It was grown and enlarged its mission and ministries in modern times during Rev.J S Anand Asir rapidly. We thank God for the entire God’s people, who pray, support and participate in this ministry to reach out our generation to lead a victorious life.

Below are the servants of the lord who had served as secretaries and directors of TDCM in its entire life and ministry so far.

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